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Montana Agate Museum Permanent Collection of Jewelry Pieces

Montana Agate Museum Collection

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God's Paintings in Stone

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Another New Book from Tom Harmon






Now Available - Tom Harmon's New Book!


GOD'S PAINTINGS IN STONE"God leaves his signature in many ways and places across this complex world we live in, and it is but up to mortal man to find them and see the beauty in the tracks he has left us. It can be in a Montana sunset or a beautiful mountain scene or a free flowing river or simply in the petals of a wildflower."

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Harmon's Booth and Displays at the Rock and Gem Show

(in Billings, Montana)

Harmon's Booth and Displays at the Rock and Gem Show

Harmon's Booth and Displays at the Rock and Gem Show


Montana Agate:  The Museum Photo Collection

Montana Agate:  The Museum Photo Collection



"His signature can also be found in the beautiful stones of the world. Man has gathered and admired and wondered about these stones for centuries. He has chipped and hammered and ground them. He has used them for tools and amulets and sometimes just to look at for inspiration.


In some places across the world, stones can be found that portray beautiful landscape scenes, pictures, or splashes of spectacular colors that emulate a multitude of scenes, pictures or possibilities. These are the ones that catch my eye as a lapidary. These are the ones I canít wait to cuddle, and coax to bring that picture to light for mans eyes to admire and to marvel at another of Godís tracks, Godís paintings in stone."

 Author and Montana Agate Expert - Tom Harmon


A Story of Montana Agate

Eastern Montana is one of the Places in the world that holds many of Godís Paintings in stone in the form of Montana Agate. Agate is one of the many forms of quartz. Quartz in all its forms is the single most abundant mineral on earth.....(MORE)

A Story of Montana Agate


Interesting and Informative Books by Tom & Jim Harmon

"Harmon is a collector, a lapidary, a skilled jewelry craftsman, and a writer."  Read the entire Book Review from Jewelry Artist Magazine.

Interesting Books by Tom & Jim Harmon


Now Available!

The Many Faces Of Montana Agate Collections

Tom Harmon has done it again!

A spectacular new book featuring nearly 400 COLOR PHOTOGRAPHS of beautiful & unique Montana agates. Over 150 pages full of fascinating facts & knowledge from one of the foremost experts in the field. Tom has spent his whole life studying these unique and breathtaking stones.

The Many Faces Of Montana Agate Collections

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